Representative David Scott (D-GA 13th)
8th-term Democrat from Georgia.
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Rep. David Scott
Sen. Johnny Isakson

February 25, 2013

 Ladies and Gentlemen, when are you going to realize that the only sollution to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Those who are willing to serve and protect, even though they have never taken an oath, never put on a uniform whether it be military or law enforcement, but who have the guts to stand for whats right and protect those arround them. You rarely hear the instances where a local pedestrian stoped an armed robery or a possible mass shooting by using his/her own courage and skill with their personal firearm, but the media gives a mass shooter instant fame blaring their names and picture all over your prime time television and news broadcasts. Maybe it's the media who should be silenced. Take Chicago, the strictest gun laws in the nation and more deaths and injuries by guns than in the current "conflict other than war" in Afghanistan. All you are doing is hurting yourselves by limiting the protection people would like to have/provide for those who cannot. However, you and those above you are all protected by people with "assault weapons", but you deny us the right to protect ourselves? Are you staging a take over, or are you scared that people will fight back against all the wrong you have committed against them. You may not believe in God or guns, but when your home is invaded, the first thing you will do is pray for someone with a gun to come to your rescue. When making these laws, it would be wise to consider what you have trained those in the military and other nameless agencies to do.

McDonough , GA