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2nd-term Republican from Kansas.
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Gun Control

Sen. Jerry Moran

March 15, 2013

 Please vote “NO” on the assault rifle ban and clip size limit.

A semi-automatic assault rifle is no more lethal than other semi-automatic rifles. If you look at the death statistics from the improper use of guns, the handgun far exceeds any other gun.

These school shootings, which have brought gun control back to the forefront of the political landscape, were committed by individuals who were not typical gun owners. These were troubled children/young adults who gained access to guns for the purpose to misuse them.

Additionally, parenting and the system failed in guiding these children during their development years. Today’s children are exposed to a lot more visual stimuli than I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. I do not promote censorship of any kind, but parents, as mine did, have a duty to censor their children activities.

This new gun legislation is indicative of the lack of accountability in our society. We always want to blame everything else instead taking responsibility for our own actions. A gun does not make a decision to kill anyone " a person does. Children are products of their upbringing.

Lastly, our current gun control laws provide a good balance between risk and constitutional rights. No gun control law will EVER prevent these kinds of shootings or anyone from being shot in a robbery. Guns are part of our culture as much as cars and apple pie. This nation was born from the gun during the revolutionary war; it was raised by the gun during our expansion westward; and it is defended by the gun today. It was the minute-man, citizen soldier, who was critical to winning our nations freedom and it will be that same individual who may be called upon to defend this nation from an invader someday. So please don’t further erode our constitutional rights to bear arms of our choosing.

P.S. I do support background checks for all weapon purchases; although, I am not sure it makes since to extend this to private sales since enforcement is virtually impossible.

Olathe , KS