Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS)
4th-term Republican from Kansas.
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Armed Forces Tuition Assistance

Sen. Pat Roberts

March 12, 2013

 I am a high school junior who was planning on joining the Coast Guard upon graduation. I am not so sure anymore. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that getting an education without becoming destitute is something only the lucky achieve. It is not right that my peers, myself, and our families have to work and cut back so much just to better ourselves, ultimately helping the nation with more educated minds. It is worse that even those who have made a commitment to keep the members of our nation safe cannot easily receive an education. Cutting tuition assistance will not only hurt the current members of the military, but will greatly reduce those who are willing to join and help our nation. The educational level of those in the military should not be sacrificed- it is far too important to our soldiers, our nation, and the countries that rely on American military aid. I sincerely hope that this cut is very brief, because I would like to join the military and know that I am serving my country, with the simple promise of an education in return.

Manhattan , KS