Governor Sam Brownback (R-KS)
2nd-term Republican from Kansas.
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Governor Sam Brownback

March 11, 2013

 HCR 5013 is premature as there is no upcoming deadline forcing states to decide whether to participate in Medicaid (or KanCare) expansion. Further study is needed to determine the ultimate impact on the State of Kansas and the health care delivery system.The state should explore the flexibilities the federal government may be willing to allow. Many states, including Arizona, are looking at creative ways to minimize (or eliminate) a state's share of the cost of expansion. This is something that has not been fully considered or explored in our state. Over the next 10 years, nearly $1.3 billion worth of Medicare reductions will occur to Kansas hospitals as a result of the ACA and further strain the Kansas health care delivery system. These reductions are an offset to programs like Medicaid expansion and will occur regardless of the state’s decision. This estimate does NOT include the anticipated reductions to the Disproportionate Share Hospital program. The governor’s KanCare program was just implemented on January 1, 2013. Kansas hospitals agree with the state’s goals of focusing on primary care coordination, improving health outcomes, managing health care costs, and instituting patient accountability. Expanding KanCare to the newly eligible population could prove beneficial to managing the overall costs of health care in Kansas. Kansas can elect to expand Medicaid and later decide to discontinue the program anytime if it is not best serving the people of Kansas.
So many of the patients I serve a children and medicaid is a very important part of doing what is right. Please VOTE NO to HCR 5013, it's vital to our children and to our state. Thank you for your time.

Wichita , KS