Governor Sam Brownback (R-KS)
2nd-term Republican from Kansas.
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Impeachment and trials for crimes

Governor Sam Brownback

March 1, 2013

 To the state representative and members of congress,

I am writing to request immediate impeachment of President Obama and his entire Administration. Our government has been infiltrated by people whom have no true concerns or care for the United States of America or our citizens.
They continue to blatantly pass laws that do more harm than good and denying us the rights to know what is in these bills prior to voting on them and telling us we most vote on it to know what is contained within them.
They continue to spend our money endlessly with no intentions of cutbacks of anykind, only to increase our taxes more and more, time and time again. They are destroying everything sacred our country stands for. Killing small business completely and bailing out and buying out big business. Our government has no place in business.
Something has to be done, we the people, demand that you do your jobs. Stop this rediculous tyranical mob. Impeach Obama and everyone in his Administration. They are out of control. Do your jobs.
We have never before had a President act in such a manner as this one, he isn't concerned with being a President, he's too busy partying with celebrities and taking vacations, blowing more and more of our money in the face of the largest financial crisis our country has ever seen. And on our dime. It has to stop. When is enough going to be enough? When will you people, who we voted into your offices, do the job you promised to do?
The governement work for the American people. Not the other way around. If you want to keep your positions I ,myself and many many many other Americans, suggest you get busy doing what it is you are supposed to do. There is no other job in this country where you could keep your job when you fail to do what your supposed to do.
We the American people, are very disappointed and disgusted with the direction this country is headed. Its time for a change and not Obama's change.
I also ask that not only they be impeached, but also that it is followed by criminal charges for crimes against the people. Wrongful imprisonment charges, war crimes, murder, lying under oath, misapropriation of government funds, theft, abuse of office, etc. Any an all charges applicable, and there are many.
Lastly, I request the constitution be returned to its original form in full. All ammendments and revisions be removed. Every official and military member, including myself, has taken an oath to protect and abide by the constitution. It contains our rights, rights that cannot and will not be taken away from us. These people have overstepped their boundries and they must be delt with accordingly. This is your job, your responsibility, your duty. Do your job, uphold your oath to office and to our country and our people.
I ask you again, please do your jobs. Help us fix our great nation. Impeach them now. Get rid of the biggest problem, the worst problem, we have ever had in this country.

Smith Center , KS