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7th-term Republican from Iowa.
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Rep. Steve King
Sen. Charles Grassley

March 15, 2013

 I am a grafted on jew by my Christian life, but enough is enough. The so called federal reserve has been siphoning us heavily for decades and now Israel wants to protect their level of cash flow from us. Wrong.


We do Not need to commit to Isreali Iran tensions with our military as spent as it already is. These people have to be satisfied with the blood and treasure they have already benefitted from.

HR 850 is over the top. no.

HR 938 is over the top. no

it's time for these greedy dollar grabbers to have a limit.

Additionally, get the DEA off our backs over marijuana. It is the national will that cannabis be legalized and no fooling around with us about it. get this done, too.

the sooner we start filling the ethanol plants with cannabis instead of Iowa corn the sooner we stop needing so much of other people's minerals and can stop our bombing them.

the sugar in cannabis works just fine in the iowa ethanol plants. stop the fear mongering garbage about cannabis. there are Zero deaths from cannabis overdose. legalize and get this stupidity over with.

I want the DEA to stand down on all this friendly fire coming from our own government about marijuana Anything. the marijuana prohibition is unamerican filth.

let's see if you have the stomach for anything useful.

thank you for your time

Nevada , IA