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SS United States

Rep. Charlie Crist

December 17, 2010

Dear Charlie Crist:
I'm writing about a matter of great urgency to many Americans. Our great national flagship, the ocean liner SS United States, is on the verge of being destroyed. This great passenger ship transported many Americans to and from Europe and other destinations between 1952 and 1969. She carried four U.S. presidents and countless military, diplomatic, and business leaders, celebrities and artists, and foreign heads of state, not to mention the thousands of ordinary citizens and immigrants to our shores. She still holds the world's speed record, set on her maiden voyage in 1952.

Unfortunately, this great vessel - widely acknowledged as the pinnacle of American maritime engineering and design - has been largely forgotten. I, together with Americans from all walks of life and from all corners of the country, request your help in preserving this irreplaceable American icon and saving our "First Lady of the Seas."

The SS United States Conservancy, a national nonprofit organization, seeks to convert this national treasure into an economically viable waterfront attraction along a major American municipal waterfront. Early indications of support have been received from officials in both Philadelphia and New York. The ship's restoration and operation will provide many much-needed jobs for trade and hospitality workers. The re-purposed SS United States will act as a powerful and sustainable economic development engine for the community that hosts her. Restored and repainted, she will be a beautiful waterfront adornment and economic asset.

Specifically, I would like to speak with you about several Congressional actions that could help reintroduce new generations of Americans to this great symbol of American pride and power in the 20th century:

•Reintroduce the 1992 SS United States Preservation Act.
•Support a Congressional resolution to recognize the unrivaled historical role and achievements of this great vessel.
•Investigate the requirements of banning the sale of this ship to scrappers by her current owner, Genting Hong Kong/Norwegian Cruise Line.
•Develop a long-term plan to augment the ship's current status on the National Register of Historic Places to eventual National Monument status.

I will contact your office this week to request a meeting with either you or a member of your staff. I hope you share our understanding of the importance of this national treasure, as well as the urgency of the current situation. Bids by scrappers are being delivered to the SS United States' owners as of this morning.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your consideration in this matter. I can be contacted at…


SS United States Supporter

Dade City, FL , FL