Representative Charlie Crist (D-FL 13th)
1st-term Democrat from Florida.
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Bankruptcy Law to Protect Home Owners

Rep. Charlie Crist
Sen. Joe Negron

December 8, 2010

I am struggling with my bank to do a permanent loan modification since the beginning of last year (2009). Naca has been working with me and servicer who was Homeq but is now Ocwen.Why won't Congress & The House implement a bankruptcy program that will allow home owners to pay what their homes are worth, not what is owed. I believe this would have solved many foreclosure and many people would be in their homes today than on the streets with their families. What kind of future are there for our children when there's no stability, they are wandering from shelter to shelter. They cannot settle down for a proper education when living on the streets. I am asking you to revisit this bankruptcy act again in order to keep many of us in our homes and keep our American dreams alive.
Thank You

loxahatchee , FL