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1st-term Democrat from Florida.
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All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Civil Rights:
Small Business Civil Rights violated Right to Farm Act

Rep. Charlie Crist

December 3, 2010

DRD Enterprises bought a fish farm in Arcadia FL with the business plan to develop a solar fish farm, the property is AG zoned Greenbelt .
Within 2 months DeSoto Count put a cease work order on the solar non residential solar structures in violation of the State of Florida Right to Farm Act. The State of Florida has no enforcement of its own laws under this act. Now in order for my company to continue its business plans I must endure the legal burden of upholding the laws of Florida, whiich after the investment in land cannot do.
Every agency in Florida including the State Atty have no enforcement of a State Law being violated! As a Disabled Veteran owned small business I am angry and hope that I can find help with this violation of my Rights.

Arcadia , FL