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Sen. Marco Rubio
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart

February 1, 2013

My wife and I recently moved to Naples, FL. It was a huge move for us and we are still trying to settle in. A few days ago I decided it was time to clean my guns and buy some ammunition. I don’t have anything fancy, just a pump shotgun and a .22 rifle.

I went to Bass Pro only to find out that .22 ammunition is scarce to say the least. I was told to call every morning and if any came in to get there as fast as possible or it would be gone. Huh? So my next stop was Dick’s where I took a picture of the empty ammunition counter. Shotgun shells did not seem to be an issue in either store but rifle ammunition was a whole different story.

And so I went home and checked on the internet. I found that rifle ammunition is very hard to get, especially in popular sizes. Ammunition for .22 rifles is non-existent.

Further research was a little scary to say the least. I found that the Social Security Administration last August placed an order for 174,000 rounds of high quality, hollow point ammunition. DHS/ICE placed an order for 450,000,000 rounds. I found that DHS/ICE placed the order for a 10 year period and had stated that a lot was for training purposes. However this type ammunition is not used for training; it is used for killing.

I have a cousin who owns a gun store in another state. I sent him a message and asked what is going on?! He responded that there is in fact a serious shortage in rifle ammunition. He feels, though, that this shortage is not caused by a sudden run as is claimed. I tend to believe him. In my research I found one major manufacturer that claimed they had sold a 3 year supply in a few hours. How would that be? In what few hours? It doesn’t make sense.

My cousin claims that a lot of the overseas manufacturing and distribution as well as the big supply depots within our own borders are controlled by George Soros’ Freedom Group. He further claims that the shortage is not caused by demand but rather by lack of supply. He points out that there have been peaks in demand for ammunition over the years but that these peaks have not caused the shortage that now exists. He further points out that previous shortages affected all ammunition while this one only affects rifle ammunition. And, even then, only specific rifle ammunition.

And so, as they say, inquiring minds want to know. It occurs to me that Americans will likely never give up their guns. But what good are those guns without ammunition? If the ammunition supply can be dried up then we effectively have gun control without all the trauma.

While I have never been a conspiracy advocate I am also wondering about the unexplained military exercises in urban areas such as Miami and in Texas. When I hear about these and then combine that information with the SSA buying ammunition I can’t help but wonder.

Naples , FL