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5th-term Republican from Florida.
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Sen. Marco Rubio
Rep. Bill Posey

March 11, 2013

  On 4 March this year Time Magazine issued a Special Report highlighting an indepth article by Steven Brill entitled "Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us."
I found the long, long article extremely well written and terrrifying. The current position of the Medical Community is to base all medical charges on un-defensible prices for the treatment side and uncontrolled prices on the drug side. These positions are supported by either ignorance or lobbying influence on both the Congress and the Administration of our nation. That this situation has evolved in just a few years and, if not vigoriously attacked now, will result in further bancruptcy threats to us in the very short future that frightens me.
I call your attention to this article and ask that you initiate actions to quell this out-of-control situation. It merits very serious consideration.

Cocoa , FL