Agriculture Commissioner Adam H. Putnam (R-FL)
2nd-term Republican from Florida.
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Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam

December 30, 2010

It is my hope and prayer that the new congress will defend and protect
the Constitution of the US, our values and principles against all
enemies both foreign and domestic.

Per our Constitution and laws any and all who fail to do defend the constitution, who intentionally place in existence laws decree's, practices etc. contrary to our constitution are traitors to the USA and guilty of high treason. They therefore must be imprisoned for life, removed from this
country or executed.

It seems to me we will need to replace an extensive portion of the executive branch, congress and a president next year because they
will be in jail.... right???? NOT .. It will never happen.

You who are supposed to be our government, our representatives,
our civil servants are anything but that...

1. You do not listen to the people - instead you lie to them, twist history
and the truth, bombard them with
propaganda and force upon them
your agenda's and your will.

2. You do not Defend the Constitution and limit federal government.
- instead we have received ever expanding
government, take over's of our banks,
mortgage companies, automakers and
health care system just to name a few
as well as out of control spending.
Congressional members as well as our
president have publicly stated who cares
about the constitution it needs to be done
away with and it is out dated.

3. You do not defend our Freedom -
The government is in place to protect us from our enemies.
- instead this government, bows to them
kisses their butts, makes shady deals
with them, gives control of our uranium
over to them, sides with them and places
into existance laws and departments designed
after their perverted systems in an effort
gain more control over us.

In short - this government is all about destroying this country, destroying
its constitution, destroying ripping off and controlling its citizens, destroying the free market system and collapsing our economy.
This government is all about its own interests -- its greed and increasing
its control and power.

lakeland , FL