Agriculture Commissioner Adam H. Putnam (R-FL)
2nd-term Republican from Florida.
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government spending and income

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam

December 29, 2010

Gentlemen -

1. Why and how come members of congress make so much money?
Is it not suppose to be civil service?

2. How come members of congress make 4 - 5 times the average wage
of the everyday citizen and 8 - 10 times that of our service men?
Average income for a US citizen is 49k.
Average income for a US soldier is 23k.
Average income for a federal employee 77k.
Average income for a congressman 165k
TRUTH - this is unconstitutional and immoral.

3. How can the speaker of the house Nancy Polosi go from a
whopping 100k in personal worth to nearly 22 million in just 7 years?
hummm..... weird huh.....
200k * 7 = 1.4 million NOT 22 million...hummm..
sounds real fishy .. over a 2000% increase in monies...hummm??
Kind of like a President who says he was born in the USA but
refuses to produce a birth certificate. And is it not interesting how
their policies have a negative impact on America and Americans
but those same policies line their pockets with gold!
But we can trust you all ... right???.... NOT!
TRUTH - You are all crooks.

4. How come congress's income rose by nearly 16% during the
last 2yrs while the rest of us lost our butts???....hummm
While the Senate leader, Speaker of the House and the Presidents
incomes sky income has stagnated, I have not had a
raise in 5 years. The federal government bought out my mortgage
company while I was in the middle of converting it to a fixed mortgage
then the new company BOA refused to convert it and had the balls
to tell me that their owners, the federal government had my property
slated for redistribution.
You claim a 10% unemployment rate when in truth
its really more like 18%, and the truth is hidden because you fix the
books and play games with the accounting.
TRUTH - You are trying to rob us blind.

5. How come you who say its the wealthy causing the problems -
Pointing your fingers at GM, big banks and the like. How come you
say the wealthy pay the bulk of the taxes and should not get tax
credits etc. but yet you our congress have created the most difficult
tax structure in the world, but yet you our congress have caused
the US to be highest taxed citizens in the world, but yet your incomes
have increased and in truth...
a. Dem - Diane Feinstein senator is worth 261 million
b. Dem - Jay Rockefeller senator is worth 136 million
c. Rep - Vern Buchanan senator is worth 366 million
d. Dem - Herb Kohl senator is worth 231 million
e. Dem - Jared Polis US Rep. is worth 285 million
f. Dem - Mark Warner senator is worth 283 million
g. Dem - John Kerry senator is worth 294 million
h. Dem - Jane Harmon US Rep is worth 435 million
And that just to name a few....
YOU POOR DEM's... you are suffering at the hands of the wealthy!
Oh yes ----Average Congressional worth = 1 million dollars
But you need those big salaries, great benefits and automatic
salary increases dont poor poor people.
TRUTH - You are the RICH!

6. What group of people consists of 535 persons of whom 85%
are guilty of fraud, tax evation, petty larcony, bribary, have
numerous DWI 's -- just to name a few of their crimes......
ANSWER : the US Congress

-- Its time to make your salaries equal to that of our soildiers---
23K A YEAR MAX !!!!

-- Its time for you to loose your cushy pensions---
You can have the same pension as our soildiers - NONE

-- Its time for you to loose your 1st class transportation--
YOU can have the same transportation as that of our soildiers

-- Its time to cut the Federal Government in half!

lakleland , FL