Representative Danny K. Davis (D-IL 7th)
12th-term Democrat from Illinois.
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Rep. Danny Davis
Sen. Richard Durbin

January 24, 2013

I strongly oppose any type of assault weapons ban for it will only effect law abiding citizens a great example would be when mr.Gregory from meet the press held up a 30 round magazine on national TV and was criticized,you see how law abiding citizens are effected in Chicago where I live we had a gun ban for 28 years and the criminals still had plenty of guns with extended magazines and I think one year we hit close to 700 murders it was mayhem ,what should be done is the death penalty should be brought back and had out automatic 15 year sentence for felons with possession of a gun,20 year sentence for straw for "the gun show loophole " I not sure how other states are but in Illinois we have gun license a.k.a F.O.I.D firearms owner identification and in order to get one you must pass a federal background check if you don't have one it means you didn't pass a background check and therefore ineligible to purchase a firearm both private and at the gun shops maybe you can make like that every where because from what I hear I. Other states you just have to present a photo id and that's all which ISN'T RIGHT AT ALL so please I beg you not to punish us hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens thanks you. The 2nd Amendment Shall Not Be InfringedĀ 

chicago , IL