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4th-term Democrat from Illinois.
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Sen. Richard Durbin
Sen. Tammy Duckworth

April 20, 2013

 I Believe…

I am tired of being told by the media what Americans believe. The media staunchly endorse issues condoned by the president. That is why I believe:

--- That government has become a virus and is consuming its host (the taxpayer).
--- That something happens to good people when they become politicians.
--- Politicians seem only interested in things that benefit themselves. Look at how many became millionaires while being in office.
--- Gun ownership is an unrestricted right protected by the Constitution.
--- That the Federal Reserve should stop printing money because it decreases the value of the dollar.
--- That consequences must be assessed on the people responsible for the deaths of a border patrol agent in "Fast and Furious" government gun running and the four Americans killed in Benghazi. Hillary accepted responsibility for Benghazi, where are her consequences?
--- All laws must be read and debated before being voted on.
--- The media is not worthy of the protections contained in the First amendment when it refuses to investigate the government and report the news to inform the public.
--- That gay marriage is wrong no matter how many politicians and the media feel it's a good thing.
--- If marriage is redefined for gays, who else will want to redefined it again when other groups of multiple individuals want to be married.
--- That all politicians' salaries and perks be cut at least in half. It's time for them to share in the sacrifice.
--- That a "fair share" tax should be 10% for everyone. I am tired of paying for those who don't have any skin in the game.
--- The borders should be secured before any immigration policy takes place.

I do not trust our president, this government, our politicians or the media.

Schaumburg , IL