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4th-term Democrat from Illinois.
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Rep. Brad Schneider
Sen. Richard Durbin

March 19, 2013

Are you all just going to let these furloughs happen to almost a million Americans who support the DOD? All the while not cutting anything with the big money contractors and not bothering to easily get this money from elsewhere?
I really wonder if it was YOUR pocketbook that was losing 20% of your income for the next 6 months if you would not be a LOT more aggressive fixing this. And by the way, whay are you all NOT taking the same paycut that we are? Are you all NOT GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES????
Just like DC politicians to screw the people they are supposed to represent, yet take care of themselves. Your actions are REPREHENSABLE!!!
And please, please do not bother to respond with the same old canned letters about how sequestrian is this and you are trying to do that. It is all BS!

Lindenhurst , IL