Senator Richard J. Durbin (D-IL)
4th-term Democrat from Illinois.
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Sen. Richard Durbin

March 19, 2013

I am writing my elected officials in order to promote an idea I have to help wounded veterans, and the families of fallen servicemen and women. I believe one of the most shameful things happening in this nation right now is how our government treats it's wounded veterans. These are men who have sacrificed so much for this nation, only to be treated as a number by the Federal government. I find this disgusting, and inexcusable. How is it possible for the greatest country on Earth to treat their nation's heroes with so little dignity. This is a problem that is facing hundreds of thousands of veterans, and their families, and Congress NEEDS to address it.
So I am writing to you because I believe that Congress should introduce a bill that would create an optional 1% federal tax to be given to wounded veterans, and the families of fallen servicemen and women. There are 114 million households in the United States, with an average income of $49K. If only 10% of households paid this tax, that is almost 5.6 Billion dollars.
If a bill like this were introduced to Congress, because the tax would be optional, there is a great chance it would pass the Senate, House, and White House. And this money would do untold amounts of good for our nation's wounded heroes.
As an elected official it is your DUTY to do whatever you can do within your power to help your countrymen. And the people who need and deserve this help more than anyone else, are America's wounded heroes, and the families of fallen soldiers. I hope that you read this, and are considering introducing something similar to what I suggested.

Metamora , IL