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Idea for highways that will cut cost for using plows

Rep. Cheri Bustos
Sen. Richard Durbin

March 18, 2013

 Hello this is Daniel Christopher Hirsch again and I have a new idea for the street and highway system which would envolve using radiant heating in order to rid the use of having plows. Under the street or highway you use pipe which instead of using radiant heating using hot water, we use steam and possibly use Kawasaki steam engines designed for the street system for melting snow on our streets. No need for a plow the snow would melt immediately on contact with the road. I would like to use my uncles Brett Field, Mark Field, and Scott Field. Also James Roberts as labor corporals to get the jobs done they should be well trained laborers for the job. They are from the Peoria, Il, and the Chicago I'll areas. Thank you. Daniel C. Hirsch.

Creve Coeur , IL