Representative Mike Simpson (R-ID 2nd)
10th-term Republican from Idaho.
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Sen. Jim Risch
Rep. Mike Simpson
Sen. Michael Crapo

February 12, 2013

 Dear Leaders,
After watching tonight's State of The Union speech , as an Independent,, Mother and citizen who loves my country, I was saddened to see such partisan expression as you listened!
I implore you all to put your parties and differences aside and work together, really work together, with each other and get something done for the people....ALL the people of this country!
Everyone that I know is so sick of government politics as "usual"! Please stop worrying about the next election and find the common ground to make a real difference for you, us, and this nation!
Thank you for reading this and thank you for working to help this country, I know that it is a tough job!
My prayers are with all of you!!!!
With hopeful expectation,

Driggs , ID