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Army destroying ammunition brass instead of re-selling

Sen. Jim Risch
Rep. Mike Simpson
Sen. Michael Crapo

February 7, 2013

 The Army at Ft Drum, NY, is currently destroying once fired ammunition brass and selling it on the recycling market in violation of federal law.

This action was occurring in 2009 and 2010 and action by then Senators Maz Baucus and Jon Tester (via a letter to the Defense Logistics Agency, dated 1 Apr 2010) seemed to clear up the issue. The DLA supposedly put a stop to the practice and the used ammunition brass was once again put on the open market to be available to civilians for re-loading purposes.

Now, the Army at Ft Drum, is apparently again in violation of PL 111-118 and is destroying the small arms ammunition brass instead of putting it up for public auction.

These actions, along with many other Administration actions, are very unsettling. Is President Obama ordering this to occur so that the civilians of this great nation will be deprived of this valuable asset? These types of actions fuel the paranoia that is rapidly rising in the country.

Surely the Army could utilize the additional income that would result from the civilian auction versus the small pittance that is garnered through recycling.

As an avid sportsman, it is critical to obtain used military brass for reloading purposes to make the cost of our sport easier to handle in these tough economic times. Not to mention that as an American tax payer, I have already purchased the brass in question and would rather see the government utilize taxpayer assets in a more constructive manner.

As a Citizen and a Constituent, I am demanding that the Idaho delegation (both the Senate and House) take action to contact the DLA and ensure that all military branches are allowing used small arms ammunition brass to be provided to the public at auction per the law.

Boise , ID