Representative Gerald E. Connolly (D-VA 11th)
5th-term Democrat from Virginia.
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Respect my Rights!

Sen. Mark Warner
Rep. Gerald Connolly
Sen. Tim Kaine

March 16, 2013

 Thank you for your continued support of the Constitution and our second amendment. Unfortunately the president and some in Congress/ Senate are considering drastic and radical firearms legislation that will create criminals out of law abiding and freedom loving citizens. I ask that you stand for liberty and trust your law abiding citizenry to legally posses and operate standard capacity magazines and "Assault Weapons"(Modern Sporting Rifles).

I ask that you would vote against any and all legislation that would violate my right to own and bear arms. Millions of Americans own and operate "Assault Weapons" with safety and responsibility on a daily basis; but could potentially be punished for crimes they did not commit. These weapons are held by good people, who care deeply about the peace and stability of the nation. Even more so then those who don't practice the responsibility of gun ownership. Two percent of violent crimes are committed with "Assault Weapons". These firearms are not the problem and neither are the people this legislation would effect.

These proposed "solutions" will not keep a criminal from finding a way to murder but keep defensive weapons out of the hands of law abiding families, mothers and fathers who want only to protect themselves from these criminals. As we saw in the Sandy Hook massacre, lunatics will STEAL their guns regardless of any law. Lunatics will find a way to kill so please let us defend ourselves!

The only way to stop a maniac with a gun is a good guy with one, law abiding citizens prevent and stop crime on a daily basis with "High Capacity" firearms. Having armed security at schools should be an obvious solution. These criminals are cowards and when confronted with deadly force almost ALWAYS surrenders or end their existence. Criminalizing millions of Americans wont in any way keep lunatics from obtaining guns but could instead force law abiding citizens into the awkward position of being criminalized for exercising their rights. The rights that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Don't let a radical gun restricting minority drive firearms legislation based on reactionary politics. If legislative action is necessary we need to make sure it is thought out over time and can make REAL progress toward a safer society.

Registration of firearms would radicalize a large percentage of law abiding gun owners who fear what this sacrifice could eventually entail. A fear of legislation like the kind we saw in the UK; is justified after seeing the types of demands laid out in the proposed "Assault Weapons" ban. This feels a bit like the the type of tyranny the framers worked so hard to prevent. The second amendment reinforces the first, and many Americans feel strongly about the importance of checks and balances.

Restricting the average citizen from purchasing various firearms will push power to opposite ends of the spectrum; the government and the criminals. Many of whom you would create with any of this legislation. This is a remarkably dangerous road to follow. We need to band together and fight for our rights as citizens of this great and FREE nation, for our rights to bear arms and protect the second amendment!

The politicians who passed the ban of 94 are no longer in power for a reason. Oppose bill H.R. 138, H.R. 142, H.R. 21, H.R. 34 & H.R. 117. We need to stand strong in this fight for freedom and the freedoms this nation was founded on. We will all be watching your vote and support in this most critical time in our nation's history.

Woodbridge , VA