Representative Andre Carson (D-IN 7th)
6th-term Democrat from Indiana.
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Sen. Joe Donnelly
Rep. Andre Carson

February 17, 2013

Dear Elected, I am very alarmed at the gun control laws you seek to pass. I know you are current on your world history of the 20th century. As well you know that all forms of tyranny came after forcable disarment of the people. The forceable disarming of citizens is what it seems you are after. I know you say it is not the case, yet all other nation leaders of the past said the same as you say now. First you want the bad assalt guns. Then it we be the rest once you find it changed nothing. I doubt you would care to take up this debate or discuss these laws with the Founders of this nation. The same laws and path you have taken this Great Country is the same tyranny that our Founders prayed, bleed and died to be freed from. So I pray that you all take an honest account of your deeds that you have been elected by these UNITED STATES. I pray you have clear conscience of your character as it be fitting of those who sat in your office be for. GOD will long live the Republic!