Representative Andre Carson (D-IN 7th)
6th-term Democrat from Indiana.
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No "high" magazine ban

Sen. Joe Donnelly
Rep. Andre Carson

February 15, 2013

 I support no new high capacity magazine ban. If any of my representatives vote on this issue and the law is passed, I will vote you out when I'm am eligible to vote within the year. I AM A ONE ISSUE VOTER. I will not stand for injustice and infringement upon our constitutional rights with incremental steps of gun control.

Criminals will get the firearms. You can not prevent this. These laws will only harm the citizen, and I am starting to question the motives of my government in a way I never have before. I suggest you take a good look to my letter and many other freedom loving Americans who take the Constitution and Bill of Rights seriously.

I'll leave with one quote that sums it up for alot of gun owners that love America to its core:

" He who trades freedom for security, deserves neither"- Benjamin Franklin

Indianapolis , IN