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Governor Nathan Deal
Sen. David Lucas
Rep. Susan Holmes

March 19, 2013

 The Georgia Child Support laws hurt the fathers that go above & beyond their parental duties. I was a single parent for 6 years, did not receive a dime of child support due to my ex-husband being in and out of jail or rehab. I later married a wonderful man that has a daughter. He works a as a Civilian on Robins Air Force Base. Trying to "do the right thing" he agreed to pay his exwife enough to cover the house payment of which his daughter was born in with the understanding she would lower the amount by $200 once she refinanced their home to a lower rate and sell 5 acres of land they aquired prior to the divorce. This refinance & selling of property was done aprx 2 years ago and now she refuses to lower it. My husband pays $974 a month, for one child! He only brings home $3200 per month & that will be reduced shortly by $600-$800 due to recent furloughs. I still do not receive child support for my son so needless to say we struggle. We can not even afford an attorney to take his exwife back to court to lower this ridiculous amount he pays. I have raised a child on my own and worked numerous jobs to make ends meet, so I am well aware of how much money it takes to raise a child. The Ga laws penalize the fathers that do what they are supposed to, financial & emotionally. THe money he pays does not even get spent on his daughter. Instead of basing a child support order on how much the non custodial parent makes you should base it on an average cost it takes to raise a child. THis poor little girl will not even have a college fund for shool & we can not afford to set one up for her or my son. It breaks my heart that the good fathers are taken advantage of because of all of the bad fathers in this world. Please reveiw the guidelines for Child support obligations. I also dont understand why a custodial parent can claim a child on taxes, but the paying parent can not claim it as a tax write off or at the very least the custodial parent should have to report that as income when filing taxes. Please help us. We are going to loose our home & vehicle once the furloughs are in place, all because of an unfair child support law!

Gray , GA