Governor Nathan Deal (R-GA)
2nd-term Republican from Georgia.
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Governor Nathan Deal
Sen. Burt Jones

March 18, 2013

As an Army Officer, I took an oath that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. I support House Bill 512.
Reason: Look at the California, New York and now we can add Chicago, IL to this list. If we look at statistical data we can see that the murder caps has risen due to no/strict gun laws because law-abiding citizen could not protect themselves. Who brings a knife to a gun fight? Criminals would feel more content on conducting criminal activities if they know their victim does not have a way by law to defend themselves. What would gun control stop? We must remember that criminals or deviant individuals do not follow laws.
In the words of 1LT Smith, "You should seek knowledge before ignorance, guidance before action and peace before war or conflict. But also remember sometimes it may take war or conflict for peace to come." We must pursue discipline in our society, reward those who do outstanding jobs, and guide those who are struggling. We must be ready for the change, know what the change is, and do what the change requires. BE- KNOW- DO. Though we face trying times, we must band together to overcome barriers. It will seem as if we have walked, but a few steps, when in reality, we have covered miles. Thank you for respecting my opinion.

Milledgeville , GA