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2nd-term Republican from Georgia.
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Governor Nathan Deal
Sen. David Lucas
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March 18, 2013

 Dear Whom It May Concern,

Take a moment, please, and put yourself in someone else's shoes for just a minute and give yourself enough time to listen to my concerns as well as my fellow classmates! As a Junior at Mercer University, I have the privilege to attend a prestigious, beautiful university located in the heart of Middle Georgia! While I will admit, Mercer was not my first choice, I would not change a single thing about the decision I made to attend and be apart of this incredible community. This school has presented my life with so many different and life-changing opportunities that I could not imagine getting at another, say bigger, public campus. I am able to have a close relationship with my professors, walk across campus knowing familiar faces and names, and feel secure in the reassurance that one day my dream of becoming a Pharmacist will be fulfilled. However, with Mercer being a private university and with the cost of attending college continuing to increase with every year that goes by, I would not be able to make those life long goals from when I volunteered in the hospital at age 12 come true. I would not be able to further my education in the biological studies that I am today here at Mercer University. I would not be the bright, young woman I am today. President Underwood has informed us of a recent decision that is being considered to cut the Tuition Equalization Grant by 28 percent ‚Ä" from $700 to $500 - and making it that much more difficult for us to attend these amazing colleges and obtain that degree from a school we all knew and grew to love. Finances are a huge reason as to why I decided to commit here in the first place and between the regulations for HOPE changing and now this, I truly believe my family will not be able to afford my education anymore. So by making that decision and future decisions of shaving off funds little by little given to students, like myself, who are capable and willing to succeed in life and better society, you will be the number one reason I was unable to continue my education and eventually obtain my dream of becoming a Pharmacist. Please, take all of our thoughts, feelings, advice and honesty into consideration when deciding what the outcome will be and think of your children or grandchildren and if one day, they are financially unable to support themselves and pay for an education, you would want to be able to say that our government is there to help and there to give to those who need it the most! Cutting these funds from students like myself may seem small and insignificant, but I promise you something, it makes a incredible difference to those who may be less fortunate than you. So much of a difference that it could be the only reason a large percentage of people attending this academically challenging school is forced to halt their education process when they could be the next researcher that develops a cure to that unknown disease, the teacher that sparks a dream in a young child's life or the doctor that saves your own. Thank you for your time and please, let these words touch your heart.

Macon , GA