Representative Susan A. Davis (D-CA 53rd)
9th-term Democrat from California.
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Why am I getting a pay cut because you can't do your job?

Rep. Susan Davis
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

February 25, 2013

 As a citizen I am abhorred that my elected leaders cannot manage to complete one of their most important and basic tasks, to pass a budget. I am ashamed that you all cannot get your act together and figure out how to solve the crisis you created by continually putting off the hard decisions. Time to get to work and do your jobs.

As a DoD civillian employee I am infuriated that your inability to lead will end up costing my family income. What I find ironic is that if I don't show up for work and do my job I get fired, yet you all get to keep your jobs and your salaries even failing in the most basic performance of your duties. Why are you all so willing to screw over your constituents to further a political agenda? Here's a news flash, you all created this mess by not balancing the budget and putting this country on the hook for billions in unfunded liabilities. Fix it. Now.

chula vista , CA