Representative Susan A. Davis (D-CA 53rd)
9th-term Democrat from California.
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Rep. Susan Davis
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

February 24, 2013

 I am writing to request,as an elected official, to please work for the working people of this Nation. But you say, that is what I have been doing. Be honest. Look at a small snapshot of time, like November 19, 2012 to February 24, 2013, what work have you done to benefit the working people of this Nation? From my standpoint, as a working woman of this Nation, I have seen more payroll taxes taken out of my paycheck, in the amount of $200 per month. I have seen more State sales taxes taken from me, thanks to Governor Brown and his smoke screen to save public schools in California. And now my husband and I await the sequester which will mean he will have 22, that is 22, furlough days a year. These 22 furlough days, for the roughly 800,000 working people of the Department of Defense, will mean 1 month without pay. How would one month without pay effect your family? Your staff? Your neighbors? Your constituents?
I am not unreasonable and understand the federal government has been spending more money than it takes in. However, to cut expenses as if slicing equal portions of a pie, is despicable. The conscientious work to evaluate each federal department and every program is what needs to be done. Yes, it will take time and hard work. I am confident, elected officials like yourself and their robust staff are up to this feat. I implore you to do whatever it takes to stop the impending sequester which will deeply hurt the working people of this Nation.

Lemon Grove , CA