Representative John Lewis (D-GA 5th)
16th-term Democrat from Georgia.
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Government Sequester

Sen. Johnny Isakson
Rep. John Lewis

February 28, 2013

Dear government representatives,

I want to express my immense disappointment in your collective lack of will in forging a comprehensive federal budget. Quite simply, your performance as elected officials has been disgraceful due to your complete inability to carry out your duties and most importantly, to put the well-being of the nation first. I do not wish to be inflammatory nor hyperbolic, but you have conducted yourselves over these last few months like children. When turning on the news today to find that with one day left before the sequester takes effect, I expected to hear that Congress would be working with the utmost urgency, putting aside petty differences and playing politics in order to avoid (at any cost) across the board spending cuts. Instead, what I saw was Congressmen leaving the capital en masse by noon today. Again, this is disgraceful. If I conducted myself in this manner in my profession, I would quickly find myself very much unemployed. There exists between a democratically elected government and its constituents a covenant where we, as constituents, engage in democracy, pay taxes, and behave as responsible citizens. In return, government must operate, and it must do so FOR its constituents. In failing to pass a budget, any budget, you have failed your constituents, and you have broken this democratic covenant. It is a shame and a disgrace. I implore you to do better, to work harder, to remember who it is that you are serving, to put aside ego and selfish motivations, and to quite simply do your jobs. The United States is truly a great nation, but you cannot expect it to continue to be so if the government remains inept and conducts its business in this manner.

Atlanta , GA