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16th-term Democrat from Georgia.
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Sen. Johnny Isakson
Rep. John Lewis

February 25, 2013

 I am writing to you to ask for your help in getting my son-in-law, Everado Dominguez, back to Georgia. He came to the US just after he turned 18 from Mexico. Yes, he came illegally and I understand the public who says that was wrong. I felt the same way until Everado came into our lives. He is not the stereo-typical illegal immigrant. He has been in the US for over ten years (before taking voluntary departure). During that time he completed his GED, he worked and attended electrician’s school and now has journeyman’s status. He became an excellent citizen. He has worked continually, always paid his taxes, has never been on welfare or Medicaid and made a life for himself and his brothers here in America. He owns his home and has ALWAYS paid property tax.
In 2001 he met our daughter and they became friends. When finishing high school, our daughter went out of state for college and returned to Atlanta 4 years later. They maintained their friendship long distance and realized they had become closer. In 2010 they were married with our blessings. As we saw things get more serious between them, we contacted lawyers to get recommendations as to how to assist him in his quest to become legal. The response we received was “stay under the radar and hope there is an amnesty”. That didn’t happen. In 2011 Everado was stopped by the Gwinnet police and arrested for being here illegally. He was sent to south GA and spent time in ICE custody. We fought hard for his release and did get the system to release him, issue him a social security card and work permit. Unfortunately, his final hearing occurred before the president proposed his latest stand on immigration. The attorney tried to get an extension but to no avail.
On Monday, February 18TH, Everado boarded a plane for Mexico. We do have a lawyer working on his waiver to re-enter the US but this has devastated our daughter and Everado’s young brother, Juan Carlos. Evin and Everado were awarded legal guardianship recently. Now my daughter is solely responsible for her brother-in-law financially and emotionally. The parents of Juan went back to Mexico two years ago, leaving him here for a better life. They give no support, financially or emotionally to Juan. Without Everado’s income the family is in financial crisis.
If you can write the US Embassy in support of Everado we would greatly appreciate it. If you know of another avenue to pursue, please let me know. Everado needs to be home where he has our love and support.

Atlanta , GA