Representative Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL 20th)
13th-term Democrat from Florida.
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Sen. Marco Rubio
Rep. Alcee Hastings

January 23, 2013

I wanted to write you in regards to possible gun legislation coming up in the foreseeable future. I wanted to let you know that there are many people in Florida and around the country that are responsible gun owners. I also wanted to point out that a great deal of the firearms that are considered inappropriate for civilian use by such legislation are owned by the people in my state and the country. There is only one piece of legislation that could have saved lives at Sandy Hook, abolishing the farce of gun free zones. The entire city of Chicago (aside form inside private residences) is a gun free zone sandy hook is a gun free zone and the schools that my father and mother work at everyday are gun free zones. Allow teachers to carry concealed weapons. Not require, allow. If a teacher decides they wish to carry a firearm or other concealed weapon at school require that they endure some extensive background and mental health check as well as attend a training program beyond what is required for regular concealed carry. Another great idea that I'm sure you can work to get passed is the closing of the gunshow loophole. Every transfer should require a background check whether it is a small .22 target pistol or a military style rifle. While most gun owners will not sell a gun to someone privately if they think they are a "badguy" there are a select few that do not care for anyone or anything but themselves. Cut the head off that snake and require a background check for any transfer period even inheritances or gifts.Lastly the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do sports or hunting (while I do enjoy both of those pastimes with my firearms). It has to do with the right of the American people to defend themselves, their families, and America when individuals are commiting acts of violence or war against the country and her people. One of the Japanese admirals in WW2 said that invading America would be foolhardy because every civilian would take up arms against the Japanese soldiers and he was right. If you have a wish to weaken America and undercut the fourth check and balance our forefathers set in place (2nd amendment) know that you probably will not keep your current job. Remember who lost their jobs after the 1994 ban and think long and hard before you cast that ballot to weaken America and instead strengthen it by voting for better background checks better education on firearms and do not criminalize me because I own a military style rifle or hi capacity magazines (that actually do serve a sporting purpose its called 3-gun).Also I can think of 10-15 small businesses that you would be destroying (in my county alone) by limiting the sale of certain firearms so if your goal is to increase employment and encourage the populace to spend money to get our economy back to where it should be that is a very important consideration not to mention all the manufacturers that have sprung up in the last 10 years MANUFACTURING goods in the US. Thank you for your time.

Fort Lauderdale , FL