Representative Don Young (R-AK At-Large)
23rd-term Republican from Alaska.
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Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Rep. Don Young

March 8, 2013

 Are you kidding me???? PLEASE tell me this is a damn dream!!!! You have cut the tuition assitance to the men and women....the ONLY men and women protecting OUR constitution; because it sure as Hell is not you sitting there not doing a damn thing to make this country great again. You have our narcissitic, elitist president (small caps for a reason) going on a golfing vacation while his wife and daughter are going on girl trips spending MILIONS of MY MONEY because he sure as Hell has not earned or ever earned a dime. How in the Hell do they think they are better then the ones who put their life on the line every day. You people really need to figure out what side your bread is buttered on because the AMERICAN people, and I mean the ones who work for a living are getting more and more pissed. Take the money you are stealing from me by sequestration and give it to a GI so he or she can better themself. Wait, I have a better idea...since you all were so kind to vote in the 27th Amendment absolving you from losing pay during a sequestration, take the money you were to lose and donate it to an Army or Marine scholarship fund.

Palmer , AK