Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA 3rd)
4th-term Republican from Washington.
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Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler
Sen. Patty Murray
Sen. Maria Cantwell

March 10, 2013

 Thank you for serving me and our great nation in Washington D.C. I appreciate your hard work and dedication. I would like to emphasize to you my concern over various gun control measures that are being considered at this time. I urge you to strongly oppose ANY form of gun control, including a national registry or restrictions on private person/person sales. These proposed policies are reactionary and do not attack the real source of the problem. Instead of disarming our people we should be teaching them how to defend themselves properly. Countries like Switzerland have "assault rifles" in virtually every home in the country and have a far lower crime rate than we do. Our problems stems from a sensational culture that glorifies violence. Guns are not responsible for the violence in our society today, no more than cars are responsible for car accidents or spoons being responsible for making people fat. People are responsible for their actions, not the tool that they use to commit a crime. Proper enforcement of existing gun laws is the best course of action. It is only fair to tell you that this is a cornerstone issue for me. If you support gun control measures, I will remember and I will vote against you. Please fight for my second amendment rights so that I can vote for you in the next election. Thank you again for your service,

Vancouver , WA