Representative Mike D. Rogers (R-AL 3rd)
9th-term Republican from Alabama.
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Sequester and Foreign Aid

Rep. Mike Rogers
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Sen. Richard Shelby

March 8, 2013

The USA is 16 and a half TRILLION dollars in debt and getting worse by the minute.

The USA is going into Sequester brought about by ALL of Washington, no matter whose idea it was to begin with.

Yet the 535 or 545 plus 1 still sends money to other countries as free money. And damn the taxpayer.

You people in Washington are so out of touch it is just plain DISGUSTING. You people must be getting some hellacious kick-backs and rewards for doling out all this Foreign Aid.

None of you are up there for the sake of the USA. It's all about YOUR bank accounts.

YOU people are the DEATH of the USA.

Opelika , AL