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TSA Change in Policy

Rep. Martha Roby
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Sen. Richard Shelby

March 14, 2013

 The TSA administrator, Mr Pistole, should be terminated for incompetence concerning his policy change concerning knifes being allowed on board airliners. His explanation this morning on NBC news is evidence enough that he is not capable of administering the TSA. Does he not know that the 9/11 terrorist used knifes to take over the targeted aircraft? We need a complete flushing of this useless government which is making decisions based upon "their" idea of what matters.

How is it that this administration can target minimizing a second amendment right to bear arms, yet can't seem to stand up to a public safety issue like allowing knifes on aircraft, which is not a constitutional issue.

Please put pressure on the administration to stop trying to scare American's with these academically flawed ideas.

Wetumpka , AL