Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD At-Large)
4th-term Republican from South Dakota.
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Rep. Kristi Noem
Sen. John Thune

February 23, 2013

 Although the sequester is clumsy, inefficient policy and all parties should be ashamed for passing it in the first place, it is probably best that it take effect anyway.

Certainly a government as massive and inefficient as ours can find a way to absorb these small cuts in the projected increase of our national budget!

Please choose one of these options:

1) Let the sequester take affect. Certainly there is not a department in Washington that cannot trim several percentage points from future spending. (You might be wise to pass a law giving the Defense Department some freedom to move funds around to ensure readiness.)

2) Listen to Simpson and Bowles and pass a compromise plan that includes tax reform (something that reduces or eliminates loop holes while lowering tax rates).  

The world will not end if the sequester goes through but the world will be improved slightly by any reduction in the proposed growth in spending, if only because such a reduction would send the message that we finally realize that America is ready to stem the growth of our federal government.

Hot Springs , SD