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Help needed now for families suffering from Parential Alienation Syndrome

Sen. Lamar Alexander
Rep. Marsha Blackburn
Sen. Bob Corker

March 8, 2013

Hello, I am the mother of 3 daughters. Two of them are my biologically and one of them is my daughter by marriage. I refuse to use the term STEP. Because, She is my child. We have not seen her for visitation in a year. The reason, parential alienation syndrome at the hands of her mother. Her mother has kept her from us, and despite court orders refuses to let us see or speak with her. We took her to court, the Judge, who seems one sided not just in our case but many cases, refuses to rule in the case, because he says finding her guilty of contempt with not help our daughter, therefore he has set it aside to be brought up at a later date if needed. Its been a year and yet nothing has been done. There are many families across Tennessee and other states that are suffering form the effects of this terrible problem. It destroys families and our children. Our children are used as pawns in a game of revenge. They learn to live with it, and become withdrawn in order to survive living in a home with a parent who they are scared of so they must play along in order to survive. We need tougher laws to prevent and deal with this. I am begging you to take a stand. Demand that parental rights be enforced. Demand that parents and children who are victims of this get justice by punishing the responsible parent. That the responsible parents get actual help to break the cycle. Allowing this to continue is destroying our children! At this time our daughter is basically being held captive. She can not make a move not approved by the other parent, She has no way to contact us, no way out and no one to turn to for help. Because if the judge and the government wont help who will. She is not the only child like this. I am aware that we will probley never see justice, however I pray that with your help there will be justice for other children. Please help us put a stop to this. Allow laws to be passed to force this issue to be delt with by courts. Help us fix our children and stop this cycle. This is child abuse and we can not allow this to continue. I would be glad to share our story with you and assist in any way possible. Please take this serious, as this is a very serious issue. We must restablish good wholesome families in order to make good wholesome children who will become good wholesome adults in our society. If we continue to allow them to be subject to this kind of life,what will they become? Murders, susicide victims, etc. Please help.

Jacks Creek , TN