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8th-term Republican from Tennessee.
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obama and his black mail scheme

Sen. Lamar Alexander
Rep. Marsha Blackburn
Sen. Bob Corker

March 5, 2013

 I do not care for the blackmail tactics by the obama government.
He should be impeached for doing intentional harm to the country, just to get his way. I expect you to act on his crimes against the nation.
The reason I say this is because while we are releasing illegals, and criminals, and getting the TSA to delay people at airports, the government is still posting job applications, and Kerry just dropped $250 million on Egypt, and obama just promised 60 million to Syria.
If we have no money to run the country, how can we afford to fund our enemies.
Yes Enemies. I understand Egypt used to be an alley, but now it is run by the muslim brotherhood, and they have sworn to kill us. The so called rebels in Syria are in fact the Taliban, the same people that brought us 9/11/01. Now the first thing we need to do is stop funding to the enemy.
Next, shut down the TSA they don't check arabs anyway, just children and old people. and most of all MAKE A BUDGET!!! ground Air force 1 until it happens. I am fed up with my senators putting the muslims ahead of our country. obama is punishing us while aiding the enemy and my senators are voiceless. this blackmail has to stop. I want obama brought up on charges, or you out of office, even if I have to vote democrat. obama is inflecting problems on us to get his way, nothing more. He ran around crying the world was coming to an end because of 3% cut in the raise he wants to the budget. When what the country needs is a flat tax for everybody, so we all have some skin in the game, and we need to cut the raise in the budget by 100% and than cut the budget by another 280 billion a yers so we can pay off the deficit in about 64 years. If I can figure out a way to balance the budget, why can't you people in washington. either make something happen or get out of the office so we can elect someone who can.

linden , TN