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6th-term Democrat from Minnesota.
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Universal background checks will not work

Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Rep. Tim Walz

February 24, 2013

 I’m writing to express my sincere concern and objection to what is commonly referred to as “universal background checks”.

Any bill that tries to enforce some sort of “universal” background check system faces a host of serious problems.

* Ban the private sale of firearms
* Ban the transfer of firearms between family (including spouses, aunts/uncles, cousins)
* Prohibit loaning firearms for training, hunting, or sporting purposes
* Require all transfers to take place through a Federally licensed dealer
* Force registration of firearms that is kept on a computerized government registry of gun owners

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, only 1.7% of convicted felons acquired their firearms at a gun show. It’s highly likely that any new bill would unreasonably infringe on the rights of private citizens to own, sell, and gift firearms and do virtually nothing to prevent criminal access to guns.

* It is ALREADY a crime for a federally licensed dealer to sell a gun without doing a background check " that's all dealers, everywhere, including at retail stores, gun shows, flea markets or anywhere else.
* It is ALREADY a federal felony to be engaged in the business of buying and selling firearms, for livelihood and profit, without having a federal firearm dealers license.
* It is ALREADY a federal felony for any private person to sell, trade, give, lend, rent or transfer a gun to a person you know or should have known is not legally allowed to own, purchase or possess a firearm.

I believe you will in effect create a gun registry, even if the intent is to avoid it. A gun registry will be used rarely for the benefit of all, and most often to the detriment of those individuals unlucky enough to be on that list. Confiscation is only one possible use.

In our interconnected, computerized world, it’s been proven time and again that criminals can get any information stored on any computer anywhere in the world. If criminals don’t get it, governments will " there’s no doubt that China and Iran, for instance, are actively engaged in hacking American data!

It is a myth that a majority of people support Universal Background Checks (including NRA members). This survey was funded NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, for political manipulation. According to the only legitimate survey of NRA members, 92% oppose a new federal law banning the sale of firearms between private citizens.

In conclusion, universal registration will do permanent harm to the rights of the law-abiding for generations. Please do what’s right for our country and oppose this type of legislation.

Thanks for your time

West Concord , MN