Representative Daniel Lipinski (D-IL 3rd)
7th-term Democrat from Illinois.
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Rep. Daniel Lipinski

February 27, 2013

 All DEMOCRATS should resign from office. All REPUBLICANS should resign from office. The PRESIDENT should resign from office. None of you have done anything to care for the United States of America. You all spend more time going on vacation than staying at the capital working to resolve the woes and concerns of the nation. The Democrats need to go through ALL expenditures and slice out money and benefits given to those who did not and do not pay into the system. We pay into social security and medicare and medicaid to help us when we retire. The money we paid into the sytem is being given to those who sit at home and do nothing. They do not even look for a job. If they need more money they squirt out another child.
The Republicans need to allow the wealthy and corporations to pay a few percent more in taxes so to add money to the treasury. Raising taxes on the working middle and working low middle class only hurts the economy of businesses and the owners of those businesses. The wealthy will not feel the increase as badly as the working class. The wealthy says raising their taxes will reduce the number of jobs they can create. What jobs have they created?
Both parties need to STOP adding to new things to spend money on. Reduce what is going out and get more money coming in with pay down the debt.
The President and his family need to stop going on vacations and trips. Stay home like the working class who cannot even afford gasoline to get to work let alone go somewhere. The cost of these trips covers the entourage and security for the period of time gone. If the President stayed at the Capital, he could meet with the Senate and the House of Representatives to try and work on the problems. He has done nothing but try to intimidate and throw up road blocks.
If all of you elected officials cannot work together and compromise for the best of this Nation, you all should admit it and resign your offices so people who can could take over.

Burbvank , IL