Representative Ralph Norman (R-SC 5th)
1st-term Republican from South Carolina.
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Rep. Ralph Norman

May 21, 2012

The Land of the free...
Standing on TRUTH and JUSTICE
Promising the Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty And the Pursuit of Happiness,
Declaring its citizens Innocent until proven guilty. And Trial by Due Process.
Yet, an entity exists that can freely disregard the Laws, Codes and
Regulations proclaimed, and do as they will- at the expense of the helpless, innocent, fragile lives of?little Children

The Ones they claim they are protecting.....

The Adoption and safe Families Act (ASFA) created a situation in which the states and counties are paid to take children from defenseless families such as low-income families.
The selling of our children has got to STOP!!! before anymore innocent children and their families are traumatized. I am ashamed and appalled to know that my country would jeopordize a families most precious of gifts..our children.. and our countries future leaders by not keeping the most important part of a family...its unity! It is no wonder this country has gone to hell in a hand basket! SUPPORT THE PARENTAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT so that we can restore the family unit which in turn will restore this nation.

Rock Hill , SC