Representative Ralph Norman (R-SC 5th)
1st-term Republican from South Carolina.
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States and illegal immigration

Rep. Mark Sanford
Rep. Ralph Norman

May 2, 2010

Regarding Hillary Clinton's inane comments about Arizona and immigration:
The federal government is doing a miserable job of guarding our border and has been for decades. It has only been getting worse. Reagan's amnesty idea was flawed and nothing significant has been done since. Illegals and drug lords sneak across the desert and through tunnels unmolested so Arizona was finally forced to step up. Because of all the illegals; they lead the nation in identity theft plus the border violence. If there is a little profiling so what? Let's get real, if the VAST majority of the illegals in an area are Latino you're probably not going to question to many Asians. Unless we're trying to promote government waste.

Lake Wylie , SC