Senator Jim Tracy (R-TN 14th)
4th-term Republican from Tennessee.
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Virtual Hearing on Immigration - Secure Borders First

Sen. Jim Tracy
Sen. Lamar Alexander

July 10, 2006

Secure our borders. Fine severely anyone that hires an illegal. Fine severely anyone that houses an illegal. No free health unless absolute emergency. No dual citizenship for illegal couples who had children after entering the country.

This may sound harsh, but they have broken the law. In most countries, I surely doubt that I would be able to live as an illegal. Send them home as they are found and if they can't take jobs or get housing that will be incentive for them.

With the number of high school drop outs we have, they can surely take the "work Americans won't do". I've done some very hard work in my life. I may not have enjoyed it, but I did what I had to do.

We can't allow this to go on...and border protection isn't happening fast enough, politicians that I'm disillusioned in.

Murfreesboro , TN