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6th-term Democrat from New York.
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March 5, 2013

Hi there
Why is it EVERY planned cut from the carefully planned "politically painless" budget cut come from the bottom. From the inspectors in food processing plants, but not from their bosses, all 55 levels of them bloating the cost of every gov't agency.

If any of you aren't totally bought and paid for, tied by so many under the table deals, and so fearful of actually having to get a job and work, how about standing up and saying all agencies are to CUT FROM THE TOP.

This is how you SHOULD have structured the cuts. For everyone below median wage for the agency who's cut, TWO in the top quater will be cut (or the equivalent in salary, since they earn 4x the people doing the work). ALL non - personal costs to be cut 10% across the board. If that means closing an office and everyone doubling up in another, DO IT. If it means buying out one lease do it if in the end it's a 10% overall cut (or tell the landlord it's 10% less, forever, or see what happens after the attorneys are finished with it, after all, legal decisions are SUPPOSED to err on the side of the PUBLIC good, and in this case, cancelling the lease is in the public good.).
Then, cut wages, and if that's against UNION rules, well, fire everyone, there are 12 million unemployed still, many professionals more than happy to push go'vt paper. Finally, reduced service, over a 8% cut in staffing, TELL THE REST TO PICK IT UP OR START LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB. That is EXACTLY what all us private workers are told, at least once a yr when the boss cuts costs to pay for his bloated bonus.

Oh, and yeah finally figured out why the dems and reps agreed to these cuts, you finally cut the budget, and no ones to blame, politically masterful and with our press firmly under control of a few rich folk, who must have ok'd your plan, or they'd not let you do it - they do pay your bills after all - legally and illegally, no reporter dare voice this truth.

New York , NY