Representative Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY 9th)
6th-term Democrat from New York.
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Rep. Yvette Clarke
Sen. Charles Schumer
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February 25, 2013

I know everyone I voted for, all my representatives share my views.
However, it appears you don't share my convictions.
No doubt because I've been unemployed for a year, marginally employed for 2, used up every penny saved, and maxed out half my credit cards trying to keep my apt and my mothers and disabled sisters home, while learning and paying to learn new skills, looking for a decent job, ie, one with any time off, benifits or even 1/2 what I used to make, which was way below 6 figures. In other words, I've been beaten.
You folks lack conviction, because you live fat, on gov't pay, tons of time away from Washingtone, endless gov't paid for lackies, endless graft from lobbiests and contibutors, you just have felt no pain. Even if you went without pay, most pols are millionaires, and ALL will be getting high paid jobs in industries you helped once you leave office. You lack conviction, because you're fat and lazy. Yes, you are. Compared to over 50% of Americans, OVER 50%!
It's time for all of you, yes and you're the good ones, to fall on your swords, and pull out the stops to blackmail the right into behaving. Out the back room deals, the insider trading, etc. BOTH of you have been doing. Yes, you take the hit too. But after a few sacrifice, the right will get the idea and behave so they can keep their fat cat jobs.
Now, PULL OUT THE STOPS, take the hits, do what is RIGHT, and end the economic chaos this brinkmanship is causing the American people, over 50% of the American people. End the hideous fattening of the bank accounts of the rich and well connected corporations, directly from the wallets and purses of HALF OF AMERICA!

Brooklyn , NY