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4th-term Republican from Pennsylvania.
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NO to UN Small Arms

Rep. Patrick Meehan
Sen. Bob Casey
Sen. Patrick Toomey

March 18, 2013

Good Morning,

I am writing to express my disapproval for any foreign interference or involvement with our domestic laws and policies.

If you are to consider any agreements limiting our citizen's rights, that will be a severe violation of our Bill of Rights, and equated to spitting on the graves of our forefathers.

If we all wanted to 'just get along', then it probably would happen. It never will. Stop trying to push agenda's on the American people and allowing foreign influence to creep into our country. We were built on a conglomerate of ideals, but we are by no means mean to succumb to the opinion of people who themselves are so divided and polar, they are not a entity that should be respected in any regard.

Fix our country from within, not at the mercy of agreements to other countries. We have tons of resources, and can be fully independent. The ties of money to politics is too ingrained in Washington and needs to stop. Big industry dollars tied to oil dependence, through automotive and energy ties are choking our advancement and infrastructure improvements. How can you propose an 'innovative society and youth program' initiative, when the innovation that is reached, gets shut down because it would alter a major industry. You've bailed out GM already. Who is next?

Don't let foreign policy dictate our own, or the people within our borders. This is why we have a country; the little event that happened int 1775...Maybe you remember that? Or is that just a barrier to your end-game?

Stop John Kerry, and Hilary Clinton, and their supporter's initiatives with the UN.

Coatesville , PA