Representative Patrick Meehan (R-PA 7th)
4th-term Republican from Pennsylvania.
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Rep. Patrick Meehan
Sen. Bob Casey
Sen. Patrick Toomey

March 16, 2013

 Dear Pennsylvania Officials, it is time to stand up to these Washington and California types on the issue of Gun Control. It's time to show these people that the people of Pennsylvania are smart enough to govern themselves without any outside interference and that the gun laws of the Keystone State are exactly that, a state issue, not a federal one. Stand up to Dianne Feinstein and other people like her, she does not represent the people of this state. You do! Tell her that you have the state of Pennsylvania under control because that's what you get paid for and you don't need any Monday morning quarter backs telling you how to do your job, and that she and others like her are over reaching with this Federal legislation and that she will have no say in the gun laws of this state.

Prospect Park , PA