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6th-term Republican from Nebraska.
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Sen. Deb Fischer
Rep. Adrian Smith

March 15, 2013


Please Vote No on any new gun control bills, including registration and more background checks. We already have thousands of gun laws on the books.

Recently Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Cruz had an exchange of words during the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Feinstein was asked if prohibiting certain firearms could be compared to prohibiting certain free speech. After saying she is not a 6th grader and thanked him for the lecture, she said "she has great respect for the constitution", said the people do not need bazookas, and she is going to let we the people keep 2,271 weapons. She then said “isn't that enough for the people of the United States”.

I would look to Great Britain and Australia currently and in recent 20th century history look at 1915 Ottoman Turkey, 1929 Soviet Union, 1933 Germany and occupied Europe, 1949 China, 1960 Guatemala, 1971 Uganda, and 1975 Cambodia.

Some say pornography is free speech but child pornography is illegal. I have no problem with this. Comparing this to the 2nd Amendment, this is a nuclear weapon, which is a weapon of war and is illegal for civilians to own. Some people use the comparison of the restriction of free speech to gun control as yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater. This argument is flawed because the word “fire” is not banned, and should never be. Using the word inappropriately is illegal, the same is said for firearms currently and we should not ban the firearm for someone illegally using it inappropriately.

The 2nd Amendment has been infringed already, the National Firearms Act imposed a registration and tax on fully auto firearms, and no civilian can own a fully auto firearm manufactured after 1986. This was supposed to solve a lot of crime problems. It just created a black market for criminals like prohibition did with alcohol.

There needs to be limits on some things in a free society, but banning the tool that a few bad people use inappropriately is unconstitutional. If we as a country are so concerned about protecting innocent life, we need to make abortions illegal, "but we cannot deny a woman the right to “choose”". THEN DON'T DENY ME MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE THE TYPE OF FIREARM I WANT TO OWN.

Thank You

Loomis , NE