Representative Adrian Smith (R-NE 3rd)
6th-term Republican from Nebraska.
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Sen. Deb Fischer
Rep. Adrian Smith

February 21, 2013

 To all my represenitives of the great state of Nebraska,I am writing this email to plead with you to use restraint in passing new gun laws in the wake of sandy hook tragety. We need to use restraint and common sense to relize that all the gun laws in the world would not have stopped this from happening.This guy broke numerous laws to pull this off,when suicidal people want to die and take innocent people with them the law means nothing to them and they will find a way to do it. Had there been no guns available to him he would have found another a car into the kids as they play outside...strap a homemade bomb on his person.. you get my point. Guns dont kill people...people kill people. Im not sure what is answer is to reach these metally disturbed people but gun laws is not the way! I ask you to at least consider what would have happend in sandy hook if some of the staff at sandy hook had been armed for the purpose of self defense and the suicidal idiot knew he was walking into a armed building would have chosen that one. I have not even began to to argue my right provided by the second admendment I trust that when you took the oath of office to defend the the contstution that you take the responsibility that I as a voter have intalled in you very seriously.

Kearney , NE