Representative Adrian Smith (R-NE 3rd)
6th-term Republican from Nebraska.
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Sen. Deb Fischer
Rep. Adrian Smith

February 19, 2013

Dear Mr. President and all Congressional Leaders: I am a gun owner and I am opposed to the present proposed ban on "assault weapons" by Senator Feinstein and others. This will not make Americans safer. It will only take guns away from law abiding citizens. Those who propose only permiting certain guns and abolishing others do not understand what "...shall not be infringed." means in the 2nd Amendment. As a citizen of the United States of America I have a right to keep and bear arms. This proposed ban is like the provebial camel's nose under the tent flap. Pretty soon there's more and more of the camel in the tent until he's in there completely. So it is with this law. First, it's the assault rifles; then it's the handguns; then it's the hunting rifles; then it's the shotguns and before you know it you have an unarmed populace which is every dictator's dream. You say that any governing body in the United States would not do such a thing - then look up Athens, TN 1946. That's why we need our weapons. Do not pass this legislation! It is unconstitutional and immoral. I and millions of other voters will be watching.  

Wakefield , NE